Mr. Young's Grading Chart

8th/7th Grade:

Item Percent
Test/Projects 30%
Daily E-Mail 15%
Quizzes 15%
Class Work/Quia 20%
Class Participation 20%

6th Grade:

Item Percent
Class Work 70%
Class Participation 30%

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Welcome to Mr. Young's Website!

     There are three classes that Mr. Young teaches. 6th graders will be in Computer Skills, 7th graders in to Introduction to Office Productivity, and 8th graders will be in Exploring Personal Characteristics and Careers. These classes go over different topics which can be found by the links above. Class materials, class project data, and other information can be found by clicking the links above. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions with my e-mail at

     I am here to help learn and am open to questions and comments. This course is one of the first courses that students will have that is independent learning. This requires the students to be responsible and put forth effort in getting their work done.

To contact Mr. Young you can e-mail him at